Turning 25


I’m about a week in and 25 hasn’t completely sucked. I have turned 25. I am 25. I accepted my birthday this year. I had a really hard time acknowledging 23. I didn’t come out of my house that week and ignored all my birthday texts. HA, THAT just shows you how much more mature I […]

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The Road Rules


Now that I’ve started a new job that’s located in New Hampshire and still residing in Massachusetts, I’ve gotten very well acquainted with all of the major highways in my state. I drive 85+ miles to work and back 5 days a week which means I spend at least 10 hours in my car. I’m […]

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5 Tips to Deal with Difficult People

HowToDealwithPeople. StaySeeSomething

After a decade in the service industry as a waitress and over 3 years in an office setting interacting with co-workers internally and with clients externally, I’ve dealt with a lot of people. God, think of all the germs…. I’ve liked some, I’ve enjoyed some, I’ve detested some, and I’ve forgotten some already. Some days […]

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How NOT to Approach a Girl

It's Not Hard to Call Me Pretty and Ask for My Number

OK, the weirdest thing happened to me today and it made me wonder why it’s so wrong to approach a girl you don’t know and just say something as simple as, “I think you’re gorgeous, I’d love to get to know you. Can I have your phone number?” I was approached and it was exactly how […]

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How To Appreciate Being Single


Because I can’t listen to another person ask me why I’m still single I have to write about the pros of not being in a relationship before I explode. I honestly can’t imagine the last two years of my life with a boyfriend. It’s not that relationships hold one back but I do believe that […]

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