10 Reasons I’m Not Looking for a Husband That My Yiayia* Doesn’t Understand

  1. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I don’t even have a male I enjoy having a conversation with or someone I’d like to spend Sunday mornings with.. (I work on Sundays anyways at my family’s restaurant).
  2. Reason #1 is a perfect segue into reason #2. I work 6 out of 7 days of the week. Sometimes I work every day for weeks straight. I like money. A lot. Considering all the debit I inevitably need to face within the next 4 months I need to cherish it and be thankful that I have two jobs. It’s sick but I’m seriously thinking about starting to freelance. Hey, gotta fill in those Saturdays with something.
  3. I hate people. People are annoying, evil, selfish, and don’t care about you. Promises will always be broken and I don’t have the time for the aggravation.
  4. I have Lexi. “A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Enough said.
  5. I have a beautiful new car that I bought all by myself and an amazing career right out of college. I have no reason to be unhappy or feel like I’m missing out. My parents have an amazing relationship and it just happened without either of them looking for love. I’m not in a rush and I can wait because I know it’ll be worth it.
  6. I do what I want, where I want, with who I want. AND, I can change my mind at any time without needing to think about someone else’s feelings. #SingleLadiesFTW
  7. Feelings. Ew. Guys have too many of those now-a-days. Why can’t it just be I like you, you like me, tell me I’m pretty, and I’ll pretend like I need you for stuff so you feel manly. Don’t cry unless there was a death, an animal got run over, and/or I just broke up with you, even then don’t do it in front of me.
  8. I want to travel while I can because I know when I have children I want to be with them 24/7. Plus, aside from considering my family’s feelings, I don’t want to feel guilty for leaving Mass for a job opportunity. Newsflash: I will always put my career and education before you until there’s a ring (even then all you get is an opinion).
  9. Because people, i.e., my grandmother and uncle, keep telling me to find someone to be with. When are people going to realize that the more you push me to do something I do not want to do the more I will fight about it?
    “Why doesn’t she just pick someone and get married already?”- Anonymous
    ARE YOU SHITTING ME? I still can’t believe that was said. Have you met me? It’s not a flavor of gum. It’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with/ the man that’s willing to put up with me for the rest of their life as well. Kind of a big deal. I feel bad for the kid already. Who ever the lucky guy is will be a saint for agreeing to be associated with my family.
  10. I don’t know what I want nevermind who I want. I’m only 22 (23 in 9 days YIKES). All I know is I want to be happy and right now I really really am. So, sorry yiayia you’re going to have to wait a little longer to meet my σύζυγος.

255963_10150296829310609_4119864_o*I love my yiayia more than anything in the world. She’s a boss. I don’t know how she has done what she has for as long as she has. She’s an amazing woman and I can only hope to grow to have half as much strength as she does. She’s the rock of our family and we’ll forever be GRATEFUL. I’d rather spend time with her than some silly boy anyway.

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      1. That’s good news 🙂
        No problem, and yeah im okay thankyou except for having 2 hours sleep and got 9 hours at work now but I can’t complain as money is money 🙂

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