My 23rd Birthday, CANCELLED.

It’s August already and the Summer is about to end along with my 22nd year of existence. By now you should have received the memo that August 7th is cancelled due to lack of interest. I’ll accept I’m 23….eventually. I just don’t want a whole day about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind birthdays at all. I honestly LOVE other people’s birthdays more than Christmas. It makes me happy making them feel special and seeing the joy on their faces when they see how much other people care. I just don’t really care about my own birthday anymore or see why other people should. It’s not like I’m 50 or 100. After the 18th one it kind of lost it’s pizzaz for me.

I guess I understand why I’m categorized as a 20something. It’s because being a “20something” means we are all going through these in-between, awkward, unimportant yet significant years and until we hit 30 they all just get mushed together in one big blur that seems to last forever in a blink of an eye, you know? Some birthdays will be more important and mean more than others because of where you are in life and who is in your life, not the number- it means nothing anymore. Like, I’m allowed to drink but I can’t rent a car or run for senate. I’m just trying to say that there’s so much I can do at this age but still so many doors that have yet to open. By the way, only 44 years left until I can retire! I want a big bash for that day.

All kidding aside, I get called an old lady on a day-to-day basis and I embrace getting older. The adventure just keeps getting better. I’m getting wiser. It DOES suck that I find my gray hair is multiplying by the hour but I can blame that on my mom’s genes. It’s also not ideal that it’s super important that I be in bed by 9pm otherwise I’m a useless zombie the next day but hey, that’s my body and how I work. Coffee and Red Bull are always solutions. I’m glad I’m not a female that obsesses over lost youth and dreads each day that passes. Each morning when I wash my face I’m able to ignore the wrinkles because they just show where the smiles have been according to Mr. Twain. I love that line.

Example: Others noticing my nana tendencies.
Example: Others noticing my nana tendencies.

If you acknowledge my August 7th cancellation, I appreciate it and if you wish me a happy birthday, I appreciate it just as much. xo.

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  1. Hey, love your posts, keep blogging! A for me, I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks and I feel like I’m still in the middle of my twentysomethings, but weirdly feels no different except for the reaction I’ll get when I tell people my age will be more likely ‘oh, you’re old then.’!

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