No Shirt, No Shoes, No iPhone

So, Monday started off well since it was a day off from the office. I woke up early, around 7 am, to go out to breakfast with my parents and brother. After filling up on pancakes we went back home and my mom and I decided it was too perfect of a day to waste and deny our pale buts a tan (or burn, in my mom’s case). We got to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester around 11am and stayed for a few hours. It was B-E-A-utiful. To make a long story short and start getting to my point, I left my clutch on the roof of my car and the damn thing didn’t fall off until we hit a busy street about a mile out. My clutch got run over by I don’t know how many cars. Everything was fine except for my iPhone. The poor thing got run over and smushed to death.

I laughed at the situation the entire 40 minute ride home. My mom reluctantly laughed along with me. I think she was a little nervous because she known how much of my life depends on that thing and I was taking the loss so well. I forgot to mention that the best part of this freak accident was the wonderful off duty policeman who happened to be driving behind me and saved my day. He saw the whole thing and turned his van around, stopped traffic to pick up my clutch in the middle of the street, and then literally drove on the wrong side of the road to give me my stuff back. WHAT AN ANGEL! If his wife wasn’t in the passenger seat, I would have proposed and been married the next day. Yiayia would have been so happy ; )

Once, I got home I was all “Shit, what am I going to do with my hands?”. Please, feel free to tell me how DUMB that sounds. I felt like I was missing something all day and kept checking if my phone was on me. It almost felt like I forgot to wear a bra or like I was missing a limb. Now, obviously missing a limb is very extreme but there were two times that I was really lost and I just went through a lot of feelings today. It doesn’t help that my phone keeps going off and I can’t see why!

I guess I should but I really don’t miss texting. I don’t miss Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. I miss TimeHop but that’s the 14 year old girl inside me that shows a shrivel of sentimentality once a day. That time only comes early in the morning before I get out of bed and come to my senses. I really really miss checking my work email because I do it like a maniac now. It’s a disgusting habit. My guilty pleasure is honestly answering client’s emails during the weekend. I don’t know why I do it when I only get paid for working 9-5 Monday through Friday but I do.

I broke down around 10pm (8 hours after the incident) and put my SIM card into my old iPhone 4. Again, I kept getting texts throughout the day and obviously couldn’t see who they were from. I just got super impatient and curious but it didn’t matter I couldn’t retrieve the texts anyways. So, 10 minutes after trying I took the SIM card out and I am once again phoneless and fine. I’m so glad this happened during my days off. I can enjoy the company of my family and truly disconnect from all the distractions that comes from a Smart Phone; this time it only costs me $99. I might just pretend to break my phone once in a while and gradually disengage for free.


Time to disconnect. xo


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  1. Sometimes it’s actually quite nice to be disconnected from all the media/social invasions we have hooked ourselves up to 🙂

    I would feel utterly lost leaving the house without phone, but on the other hand, I often purposefully turn off my phone for a morning or afternoon just to not (let myself) get distracted.

  2. You are so right that it can become almost impossible for me to disconnect at times. I would definitely feel totally lost if something happened to my phone. It is somewhat funny when you think about how dependent we have become! Thanks for sharing!

  3. From the opposite end of the spectrum – I am just now starting to feel the siren’s call of this habit. I’ve had a smart phone for quite a while – usually because I need the camera it comes with, not the other goodies. But, since I’ve started blogging here, I catch myself sneaking in to check on the stats. Maybe I need to downgrade my phone to a dumb phone again?

    Loved your story, and laughed through it – especially about your savior policeman.

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