The Last Thing I Want To Be Is Comfortable

If you really think about it, why would you want to be comfortable? I won’t ever be happy with only saying, “I’m comfortable”. Whether I’m describing my feelings during a relationship or a job, being comfortable is secret code for “I’ve hit a dead end and I’m too scared to do anything about it”. I want to be happy, not comfortable, no matter what risks or pain comes along with it.

Being comfortable in a relationship means there is no effort coming from either side anymore. You’re just a zombie stuck in a relationSHIT because of bad habits. Read that again, let it resonate, and realize that’s no way to live. Love is about burning passion, having pointless conversations that are priceless, always trying to go above and beyond for the other person’s happiness, and still being able to laugh together no matter how much time has been spent together. At least that’s what I want backing up the “I love you” from the guy I’m with. Of course, some days are bad and you’ll give less while he makes up for it and then other times he’ll have next to nothing left after dealing with you for so long but you’ll make up for it by giving it all you got. A healthy balance of give and take is all it really takes. Im not saying that I hold the title of World’s Best Girlfriend and/or know what being in love is even all about but, honestly, if you’re too comfortable, GET OUT! It’s not worth the time spent unless he can make you feel an absurd amount of magical emotions just by sitting across from you over coffee. Get it? Your life and time is precious so do not waste it on people that make you numb when there are so many others who would kill to contend for a night with you.

I share the same exact logic for work. Waking up at the asscrack of dawn sucks so make sure the next place you get to at 9am is somewhere that’s benefiting your life. Always remember you’re not stuck and there are a million opportunities at your fingertips. That being said, you need to put the effort in to uncover those opportunities. Perfect example: I didn’t want to even look at the job description for the company I work for now because I judged it and I had my mind made up with absolutely no prior knowledge. I scheduled my interview for February 14th, 2014 (best Valentine’s Day ever) and I got a phonecall with an offer hours later. Seeing where I’m at now and knowing the potential I can grow within the company is unexplainable. It’s funny to think I almost never even gave it a chance. I’ve never been happier and am excited to get to work everyday. If you don’t like where your career has taken you then you can go back to school, travel the world, go get some interviews, or start your own business. YOU’RE NEVER STUCK.

Life works in mysterious ways. Stop saying no. Stop saying no to people, to places, to interviews, to late nights out, to blind dates, to weekend getaways, to networking events, to nights where you get 3 hours of sleep and I promise that your life will change for the better. Your attitude about life will change, indefinitely. Step out of your comfort zone.

Being too comfortable actually terrifies me. I’m scared of myself because I wonder if I ever fall into that rut, will I be able to drag myself out of it? I don’t ever want to feel like I’ve plateaued. I don’t want to ever think, not even for a second, that I can’t reach for more or that there isn’t anything else left to learn or experience. I’m scared that I’ll become too comfortable to ever let myself truly be happy and I know too many other people who have already let that happen. Being happy requires taking risks. You can’t be afraid to take them. There will always be pros and cons and lessons to learn each day. Regrets have such power to eat away at you and permanently settle in the back of your mind. You can forget the past but the past will always live within you, learn from it and make it something worth remembering. If there is something you want to change about yourself, the time to do it is now.

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  1. Awesome post, absolutely love it! I share this exact same mindset. To me, being okay with ‘comfortable’ automatically limits you to a humble existence. Why wouldn’t you want the absolute most from your life and complete happiness? You are only stuck if you convince yourself you’re stuck. Being comfortable terrifies me as well, but I think because we both recognize this, we’ll never allow it to manifest itself in our lives. Very well written, all your points are spot on!

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