My September Promise to Myself.

So, I’ve been 23 now for over a month and I decided this is going to be a significant year. I’m going to be selfish. It’s all about me. I’m going to focus on what I want and solely that. It’s about damn time anyways. So, to get to the point, each month I’m going to give up a nasty habit of mine. It’s kind of like Lent except it’s something different every month and the 1st is a freebie and last day to indulge in whatever I give up.

For September, I decided to give up chocolate. …Yes, Stacey Politis AKA the biggest chocoholic in the world. On the 1st I had a chocolate chip pancake and Reese’s and that’s the last I will have this month. It’s a scary thought but it’ll do me good. There are so many articles stating that it takes 21 or 28 days to break a bad habit and I’ll let you know if either claims are true. One day down and 28 more to go! Chocolate is my only weakness.

It hit me like a ton of bricks that the older I get the harder it will be to stay in shape. Now that undergrad is over I won’t have a tennis season to stay active or as much free time to run and be outdoors. I sit in a chair all day for almost 9 hours and it’s awful. Every morning I set my alarm for 4:45 to give myself enough time to get to the gym (if I can pry myself out of my comfy queen bed). More often than not, I press the snooze button for an hour and am a groggy, cranky mess the rest of the day. Forget working out later in the day because by the time I’m out of work and home it’s 6:30 and I just want to go to bed. This sick cycle must stop.

I’ll never have more energy than now. I’ll never be able to be as active as now. I need to take advantage of my health now and make myself a better me. I must take care of myself because if I don’t who will? I know I go through phases of being super healthy and going to the gym every day and then I just crash and end all the great progress but I’m committed now. I don’t want chocolate anymore. It doesn’t make me skinny or happy or nicer. If I really can give it up for an entire month I can literally take over the world. I’d impress myself big time with that self control. Aw yeah. I wonder what I can give up next month. Human interaction?

Sorry, I’m sassy tonight. Must be the sweets deprivation. Xo.

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