Post- College Dating: The Tinder Era

Dating is hard. Dating after college is harder. In college you meet so many people and are constantly going to class, events, and parties, all of which are ways you had any relationships in the first place, so what do you do when you don’t have those easy outlet anymore?

After you graduate people are constantly telling you to get ready for the “real world”, whatever that means. I think old people just say it to annoy young people and it never fails to piss me off, like what do you think I’ve been doing? I sure as hell haven’t been living in lala land. ANYWAYS, dating, relationships, attracting the opposite sex is harder than getting through a Monday because you don’t know anyone or their past. This is a whole new ball game and it’s filled with strangers. You have to make a move, you have to find something in common to spark up a conversation, and if you want to talk to me you have to be quick and figure out what to say before I run away. I’m awful; I don’t even make eye contact on the train or walking down the sidewalk.  Again, I’m getting far off topic. I’m 23 and building my career is my top priority. Guys that are 23 have that whole “work hard, play hard” mentality. They aren’t looking for anything serious and if they do talk to you it’s because you’re at Hong Kong on a Tuesday night and they want to take you home. My bed is my favorite place in the entire world, therefore, I will never go anywhere with anyone, #sorrynotsorry. I always think the worst of people and I’m safe that way. Regardless of other people’s intentions, I don’t think I should be exclusively dating anyone. I know I won’t give them the time they deserve so I’m not getting involved with anyone or at least I haven’t met anyone that would make me rearrange my schedule. Doesn’t mean I can’t have fun during my intermission.

But, there once was a douchebag that noticed how awful Millennials are at relationships and created Tinder. Everyone knows what Tinder is and if you don’t you’re too old and it’ll probably make you blush and spit on my generation. I’m guilty of Tindering but I do it for very different reasons and not the reason the app was actually created for. It’s like a game and so addicting. Guys throw out so many compliments it’s kind of awesome to check whenever you’re having a shitty day.  The funniest part has been seeing people you know on this app, especially ex-boyfriends. I’m such a wonderful person that I always screenshot them and ask about their Tinder experience so far. That’s super embarrassing and I should definitely stop doing that. But, I’m too awkward for this app and get nervous after the initial “Hey, how are you?” and usually never respond again. I shouldn’t be playing but its comical. I can’t fathom meeting someone I don’t know. I don’t want to get stolen and I really believe I would be the one girl that gets murdered from going on a blind date.  My friends are braver than I and have had really good luck using it and have found great guys to date. I, on the other hand, not so much. I’ll share what great matches I’ve found on Tinder:

This is an example of “too much, too soon”.
I’m totally judging.
If you spell my name wrong WHEN IT’S IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, I hate you forever.
I don’t feel bad.
Drama Queen.

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