Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn BLEW My Mind

I am so angry at how this story ended. 405 pages later and I’m just pissed. Gillian, do you even know what you just did to my brain? Gone Girl definitely kept me on my toes. I tried to predict what would happen next but was wrong every single damn time and I loved it.

It took a while for me to get into the story, mainly because I’ve seen so many Lifetime movies (too many) and it skewed the story for me because I honestly thought I had it all figured out. The cheating husband killed his pregnant wife after upping her life insurance policy blah blah blah. NOPE. I never even thought Nick did it. I kind of fell for him actually, except for the cheating part. Amy really is a psychotic bitch and yeah, her childhood wasn’t ideal, but whose is? Amy charms you in the beginning and then you absolutely despise her and you want her dead and you want Nick to be the one to kill her. How is she always right? How is she always 2,000 steps ahead of everyone around her? She can’t get away with everything, right?! The last two sentences of the story gave me such chills and this is where I got upset. For the first time she doesn’t have anything to say. Nick shut her up finally. She only has this constant need to have the last word because she feels entitled. Insanity. After all of the framing and lives royally effed she still feels like she hasn’t be able to get revenge on every person who had ever wronged her. It scares me that a majority of the population believes that life is a game like that and it’s only about who wins. It doesn’t matter who you hurt or how you do it as long and you come out on top.

Everyone puts on a face and choose their personas precisely to get through the day.  I don’t care who you are you know it’s true.  If you’re attracted to someone, you’ll act the way you think someone they’d be interested in would act. If you want to get that job, you do your research on the person you’re interviewing with and try to find commonalities to connect with them. It’s natural to want people to like you but it’s not real and it’s not sustainable. Marriages are built on lies and the constant need to please other is the reason the divorce rate is so high. The sun will not nor has it even shown out of your ass so, please, stop acting like it. People don’t go into relationships showing who they really are any more and the baggage and bad habits that comes along. They put on a face with lots of makeup and like things they have no interest in and talk about things they aren’t even educated in solely because other people like them and approval is needed.

For me, the biggest point made in this story is how quickly one can snap from wanting to feel ANYTHING or, even worse, wanting things to feel like they used to. People change. Shit happens and it changes people. Feelings change. You wake up one morning and you can’t stand to hear him breathe anymore. Is it crazy to say “Screw it. I’m not happy. I want out” and actually remove yourself from the situation OR stick around to the bitter end until you’re filled with hate and resentment and pretend you’re happy?

In conclusion, I’m not happy with how this book ended because I want more. I want to know who is killed next. I want to know if Amy ever feels guilty for what she’s doing, what she’s doing to her husband, and what kind of mother she’ll be. I hope Boney doesn’t give up on the case so she can nail Amy. I want Nick to be a good dad, a better dad than what he had. And, I want Go to be happy. Amy can’t keep getting away with everything.

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