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When it comes to spreading Christmas cheer and getting into the holiday spirit, I’m the least qualified out of everyone I know. I don’t actually look forward to any holidays. My enthusiasm died when I was old enough to realize how much stress Thanksgiving, Easter, and even Memorial Day brought around and suffocated me with. I don’t get excited. I don’t like to talk about it. They really are just days. It’s great when I have a day off but more often than not I don’t because I work for a German company. Boo. I didn’t even start Christmas shopping until like December 13th. And, I should mention I started with buying presents for my office rather than my own family. It sounds awful but maybe I just take more time and effort into shopping for them. Maybe not. As long as there’s a gift under the tree on the 25th, I win. Christmas- 0, Stacey- 23.


Even though prepping for Christmas stresses me out it’s the one day a year I can buy people gifts to make up for associating/caring/ listening/ loving/ being friends with me so I really do try to make it nice. I suck a presents though. I have a hard time buying things for my friends because I can’t buy them something I, personally, would want otherwise I’d end up “borrowing” it and they would never see it again. I’m awful. I know it, they know it, you now know it.

The mall is HELL on Earth. I hate it and how anxious it makes me. I don’t know what the average max capacity is in a mall but I know that there’s like 120,000 people in the mall when I go to shop. Pretty sure that’s a fire hazard. Of those 120,000 people, 119,500 aren’t even carrying shopping bags, which implies they’re just strolling through the mall, emphasis on strolling, like they’re in a field of daisies and don’t actually have anywhere to be. Call me crazy but I just want to get in and get out. I don’t want to have to step on your heels but if it has to be done, I will do it. I don’t want to use my shopping bags, because I’m actually buying stuff, to nudge you out of my way. I really don’t want bump into your baby but if you have seven of them running around and screaming and you’re oblivious then odds are I might. I just don’t have the patience. Even though I hate the public, I think people who work in retail should be blessed in Holy Water for the entire month of December for the ignorant people they have to deal with. We all know holidays make people crazy I mean I just said I would bump your baby if it got in my way. Take a wild guess on whether or not I do Black Friday.


I know what you’re thinking, “Stace, it’s 2014. Online shopping?”. No shit, genius. But, did you miss that I only started Christmas shopping like a week ago? I don’t really have the power to postpone Christmas and I hate paying extra for shipping. Look! It’s me in the mall —>

Around Christmas you meet some real assholes and you meet some surprisingly genuine people, just like in life. It’s a shame when you see the rude people acting out because of the holiday stress as if it’s some kind of excuse. But, it’s truly beautiful when you see the simplest acts of kindness around the holidays especially since you know it takes a little extra effort this time of year. I love waitressing around the holidays. Granted I only work on Sundays but it’s really awesome when my regulars remember my schedule and wish me well for the holiday ahead of time. So many more hugs and so many more smiles now. They get me in the Christmas spirit. Getting through Christmas and the New Year is easier when you’re making other people smile. People notice when you remember little things and it does mean more than you’d think. Last weekend I was waiting on a woman and her autistic son. I had never seen her before but my mom had a couple times and remembered that her son has Celiac so his food needs to be prepared a little differently. A woman I had never seen before in my life left me a $50 tip just because Christmas was coming. She handed me the money and I just looked at her kind of funny and all I could say was thank you. I ran back to my mom and told her to ask the woman if she would take the money back because it was too much. I was still in shock and my eyes were filled up with tears. She restored my faith in people. Every once in a while extraordinary things like this will happen and it’ll make your day a little better, in turn, you should make other people’s days a little better too.

Remember you’re not the only one who is stressing over last minute shopping. Remember you’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed. Remember everyone celebrates holidays differently and some don’t have a family to share the day with while others have to travel to four different houses. Everyone’s Christmas is different and there’s a lot of work that leads up to it. Appreciate all the effort! I just hope you remember what the holiday is about and it doesn’t take you as long as it takes me to not be as Grinchy.


Happy Holidays!

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