Monday Deflation.

I cannot hide my negative feelings towards people. You will always know whether I’m annoyed, frustrated, smitten, pissed off, or happy with you. It is both a curse and a blessing. I can never just say I’m fine and have things left alone. If I’m not smiling, something has to be wrong, right?

If I have a migraine, how about just stop telling me to drink more water or telling me I need a prescription. I’m allowed to look at you funny when you’re shit talking that girl and then asking her out on a date the next day. And, I won’t lose sleep when I say something that doesn’t stroke your ego. If you cut me off on the road, I absolutely will cuss you out because I don’t drive like a masshole but you do and I’ll let you know. I don’t care about other’s business or the decisions they make. It just bothers me when people aren’t honest and play two sides. If you give me a reason to not trust you, I can almost guarantee I will never trust you again.

I’m so glad that good things happen to good people. BUT, why do great things happen to shitty people. A ‘good person’ is someone who is honest, works their ass off, and takes others in consideration. I’m sure you already have ‘shitty person’ named. You know… the person who only talks about themselves, and only thinks about themselves, and lies, takes advantage of everything and everyone, and does things with no consideration of how their actions affect others. I know way too many people like that that do all of the aforementioned.

I can’t stand this because I don’t understand why shitty people get away with things. I have such a hard time dealing with people like this. I can’t keep my emotions in check and it’s very obvious on my face when I don’t like you. I can’t hide how disgusted I am with your character. OH, and people that don’t have manners.. I CAN’T. “Good Morning, May I, Please, Thank You” I’m not talking in a different language although it seems foreign to some.



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