What My Highschool Boyfriend(s) Taught Me

Okay, so I’m going to write this without naming names or being too obvious. It might work, it might not. I had two ‘high school’ boyfriends and then one thing that couldn’t even utter the word girlfriend. Enough said.

  1. If you don’t know, don’t date me. If anyone is ever confused about whether or not they want to be with me, there’s your answer. I would much rather be alone than with someone who will stay with someone because they don’t want to be alone. If there was ever any inkling that you should be with your ex or any other girl that wasn’t me, I probably should have been made aware. You make a decision and you live with it. If you’re confused, I’m not waiting around.
  2. People don’t change. People are who they are, they’re born a certain way and then molded from their upbringing. You might mature with age or change your views. Maybe. If you weren’t shown enough love as a child, chances are you’re not going to show the person you’re in a relationship much emotion either. Harsh, but true. It’s not really your fault. But, at the same time, you cannot lead anyone on and promise you’ll make things better or change when you know you just can’t.
  3. If it didn’t work out the first (second or third) time, it’s not meant to be. I’d give out chances left and right and all the freaking time. I wasn’t stupid. I had high expectations and had an idea in my head how my boyfriend was supposed to be. Don’t beat a dead horse. Guys don’t act like they’re not interested to play games. They act like they’re not interested when they aren’t interested because that’s what normal people do. Read the signs for what they are. Don’t over-analyze and don’t pick up when he calls you after he broke up with you.
  4. I can break up with guys. Being unhappy is reason enough for me to end a relationship. I don’t have to give anyone another chance. I don’t have to try harder. I don’t even have to give an explanation other than not being able to be your girlfriend anymore. For example, if I wake up one morning and don’t like your face anymore, I can say bye. Tough shit.
  5. Be you. Some girls are crazy and some are bat shit crazy. You can’t hide the crazy; you cannot pretend to be the cool girl. You need to always be you and say the things that pop into your head. You aren’t always fine. When you’re mad, say it. When you’re upset, say it. Guys aren’t mind readers and girls are all about open communication so we should all follow our own advice. Honestly there are a few times I wish I yelled or reacted like in the movies when the girl finally realizes how shitty the guy is and dumps a milkshake on his head and walks out. I still regret not doing that at least once…

convorsation over

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