Let me tell you about my weekend in Amsterdam- Doesn’t that make me sound like “Miss International” as if I spend my weekends jet setting? The truth was that I was in Germany during the week for business. It’s my second time going to Headquarters and I didn’t really get to explore outside of Leipzig last time…let alone outside of the country. But, it just so happened that this trip fell during Memorial’s long weekend so that’s how I ended up in Amsterdam.

It was a 6 hour drive to get there, but it was beautiful. Windmills and green pastures lined the Autobahn. I wish I knew how to drive stick so I could have been able to finally say “I’ve driven down the Autobahn and went stupid fast”. Summer 2015 goal: learn to drive stick.

DSCN0535 DSCN0532

We finally got to the place we found on AirBNB…at 3am…and the people weren’t really happy about dropping the keys off that late. Sorry, it took us 45 minutes to figure out where to drop off the rental car but it would have helped if there was a drop box or a sign. GOD, doesn’t everyone know how to speak English now a days? No? That was ignorant of me wasn’t it? Well, it would have saved us a lot of time and aggravation. Anyways……….

tumblr_moh20u7Gh11rasnq9o1_500During the first full day we walked 15 miles through Amsterdam. Insane. I asked a taxi driver how big Amsterdam was and he said “It’s tiny, but every day is a holiday”. He also mentioned that it would only take about 50 minutes to walk from one side of the city to the other. How the hell did we walk 15 miles you might ask? Well, picture Venice with the streets and canals but more trees and less churches. Oh, and ALL the bikes in the world. There are so many canals that you could just keep walking up and down them for days and not see the same buildings twice. And, there are so many bikes that there’s a high percentage you’ll get run over by one if you don’t walk in the slim designated walk areas. It’s all about the bikes in The Dam.

Our last full day we wanted to hit the tourist spots. We went to the I Amsterdam sign and that was the only touristy thing we actually got to check out. In the same area there is a huge park and a fountain. It’s all so beautiful that you need to take time to sit and soak it all in. Well, we sat too long and enjoyed too long and by the time we walked ten steps to the Van Goh Museum it was closed. FYI- They close 45 minutes than they actually do. Everything in Amsterdam closes SO early. Another thing I wanted to go to was The Anne Frank House. I would have killed to see the attic she hid in and original pieces from her diary. But, I should have bought tickets online for that about 3 months ago. Before I even knew when I was going to Germany, unfortunately. Our last night was spent out in the notorious Red Light District. Oh, yeah. Lots of sights to see there that I won’t talk about here. It was too much fun.


I wasn’t too bummed about missing all of the attractions though; I know I’ll be going back one day soon. Definitely for longer than a weekend. I fell in love with that city so fast. It happened within minutes of driving in at night. If that’s not love then I really don’t know what love is.


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