Living Life Like A 9-5

The plan has always been to get a good job, make a lot of money, find a good guy, have a family, live happily ever after. I’m 24 going on 48 in yiayia’s eyes and my internal clock is ticking. Every time I’ve seen her for the last 2 years she’s asked about the guys in my life and I just shake my head. She then pinches me and tells me to open my eyes and stop working all the time. YIAYIA, please, trust me my eyes are wide open. We just have different priorities in mind. I haven’t been a nun but I haven’t been with anyone that I’d want to introduce my family to and I don’t think she gets that about this generation. Sometimes, I don’t think arranged marriages are such a bad thing. It’d make my life easier at the moment and I hear they have the lowest divorce rates.

Since graduating from undergrad in May of 2014, I’ve been crazy busy. Mostly working my ass off. I’ve bought a car on my own and have been dealing with all the insurances and student loans that will forever be with me. Also, life’s little joys like 2 popped tires in less than two months. You know, fun surprises. Regardless of my bad luck, the funny thing is that yiayia might have a point… When I go out with my friends, I’m not going out to meet the love of my life and the guys that are around aren’t looking for their wives either. I go out to have some fun and forget about work for once. A couple beers help.

The dating culture is soo effed up now. So many games, so many mixed signals, so many misunderstood texts. Guys put in the work to get what they want and either they give up or they get bored and just ghost on you. What did I do wrong? Nothing. I might dwell for 2 seconds but it’s just as hard to take as it is to get caught up in the games and do it to someone else. I know what’s out there now and there’s nothing that I’d take seriously. This is why I’m notorious for being the girl who doesn’t date. It isn’t worth it in my opinion. Yes, I miss holding hands and going out on dates and talking on the phone for hours about nothing but I’m proud of the promotion I’ve got, the salary increases I’ve earned, and the places and people I’ve met all since I’ve started my career. There’s pros and cons and lots of giving and taking in life. Everyone is looking for something different.

To be quite frank, If he’s not working his ass off to get ahead in his own career and life as I am, I’m 199% sure that I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with them anyways. Things aren’t always black and white though, I’m not ignorant and don’t believe that there’s a specific timeline that people have to follow. Shit happens and it never goes the way you plan in your head. I respect if you’re still living with your parents while you’re saving up… I don’t respect going out all the time and spending your parent’s money because you don’t even have a steady income. You’re a lazy piece of shit and you should only pop bottles until after all your bills are paid with your own damn money or sit your ass on the couch because that’s the only thing you can afford. I might be going too far there but guys usually lean towards a certain side of the spectrum and very rarely in between. There’s no exception when it comes to this. Same goes for chicks, you can’t live off daddy’s money forever. Your boyfriend isn’t your employer either but if you’re okay with that, you might as well be an escort.

It might be the chilly weather aka cuffing season or it might be the couples posting their apple picking pictures everywhere but I wouldn’t mind being with someone.. like exclusively for real. (I’ll totally retract the previous statement as soon as I get a 2am “what are you up to” text.) But I mean, at least someone to entertain yiayia a bit because it sounds like her brainwashing is sinking in. She’s actually starting to reminisce about my ex-boyfriends and how much she misses them… makes me want to vom because she never liked any of them until they were gone. Moral of the story now is that I’m super bored with work and writing this is like my contract vowing to work a little less and open my eyes a little more.

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