Why My Person Is My Dog

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  1. Have you seen Lexi’s eyes? They’re big, brown, and beautiful. She can literally look through you and into your soul. When I come home from a business trip, I can see how much she missed me/ how pissed she is that I left and it makes you feel all the feels.
  2. She is such a cuddle bug. She might only be 12 pounds but her warmth will put me to sleep at night in two seconds flat. I sleep better with her than without. It’s a comfort I can’t explain.IMG_2725.JPG
  3. She twirls like a little ballerina when I get home, when I come down the stairs, or when I have a treat for her and it is the cutest thing. Hell, even when I say her name after watching 3 episodes of Narcos in silence her tail starts wagging and it melts my heart. She’s never too proud to show exactly how she’s feeling.
  4. She gives me a kiss every morning before I leave for work. Doggy kisses will trump “Good Morning” texts from boys 10 out of 10 times. We like to carve out 20 minutes before I leave for work just so we have belly rub time in the morning.
  5. This girl is such an entertainer. Some people hate it when they see dogs dress up up but not my Lex; she loves her sweaters in the winter and her birthday dresses once a year because she knows a cake is coming her way. She tolerates the Santa hat and bunny ears around the holidays only because she loves me extra.
  6. Not only does she listen to me sing without whimpering BUT, she also waits outside the bathroom door until I’m done showering. She never leaves me alone and that’s a true friend.
  7. When we’re on adventures in the car she’ll only sit still if we’re holding hands. She loves my car concerts and she’s my biggest fan.
  8. I never get sick of her. She’s sweeter and more compassionate than most two-leggers I know. It should be expected that when you ask how I’m doing that my answer will involve my pup as well.
  9. She loves my cooking. Let’s be real, I don’t really cook but whatever I’m eating is hers as well. We share all the snacks. Popcorn and apple slices are our favorite.
  10. She loves my family and friends just as much as I do. She’s always down for a spontaneous trip into the city or across town to yiayia’s house.IMG_8766.JPG

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