I’m a Millennial, Who Still Lives at Home, and It’s Cool


I’m so okay with being 24 and still living at home. Like more than okay. Ask me where I live and I’ll say it with a smile. This is why:

  1. My dog. My little snuggle muffin. I asked my parents for a dog every day for 20 years. No lie. Four years later and my mom and dad are pretty attached and there’s no way I’d be able to take Lexi from  her home.
  2. I’m lucky to have two parents who have loved and supported me in every possible way for the past 24 years. I’m lucky to have a place to come home to (usually with dinner on the table) with open arms. They’re great company. Honestly, we all work so much that I cherish the time we do get to spend together.
  3. My bed. My big, beautiful bed. I have a queen size bed that is broken in and knows me like no one else. It belongs there and I belong in it. I also have my own bathroom and my own walk in closet. I’m more than good.
  4. My salary > my bills… I’m able to save money and not just break-even every month. I’m thinking about my future and how I don’t just want to throw away money on rent every month. I want to own my own condo within the next two years and I won’t be able to have my own things if I spend money on things that aren’t mine now.
  5. Food, laundry, electricity, rent, clearing snow off my car (bonus, thanks dad!). I don’t have to worry about any of it.
  6. I have a second job on the weekends that’s a two minute drive from my home. I’ve waitress-ed since I was 15 and you know why I still waitress almost ten years later? It’s cash, it’s gas money for the week, it’s going out for drinks, it’s whatever I want.
  7. I don’t want roommates. I want my own space, I want to be responsible for it, I want to make it mine, and I don’t want anyone to tarnish that.
  8. I live 10 minutes outside the city. I’m in the middle of everything. It’s prime location. Plus, my friends that live in the city all have couches that I’m more than welcome to crash on whenever.
  9. There’s a stigma that comes along with my arrangement but I know I’m ahead of most fellow graduates than I know (who realize that paying rent is setting them way back). I honestly don’t know how some people make ends meet. Money isn’t everything but it is a big thing.
  10. Instead of spending half my paycheck on a shoe box with a bed, I like to think I’m being financially responsible. The only thing I can’t do is announce that I’m an independent adult who can pee with the door open.  Oh, well…. I’m over it. 😉

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  1. I LOVE this! This could literally be my life! After living away from home since I was 16, I finally moved back about a year ago with my dog. My parents (who never wanted a dog) have now decided that when I move out, he’s staying. And my dad cleans snow off my car too! It’s so hard to get past the stigma of living at home at 25 but it’s so nice to be able to look at your bank account and see it growing so much faster than if you had to pay rent!

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