2016 Is Mine.

I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions. In all of my 24 years, whether the year was long and dragged out or so fast that I’d trade my brother to have a do-over, I’ve never posted my resolutions in public. Personally, I believe they’re super cliche and I don’t pay any attention to other’s because everyone chooses the same goals and always break them i.e. I want to get fit, I’ll quit smoking, I want to travel more, I want to be less stressed. Don’t give me that new year, new me bull poop. I believe that if you want something bad enough you do whatever you can in your power to achieve it the very second you decide it’s worth it.

It’s a known fact (or stated over and over again on the internet) that when you write down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them and succeed. I don’t disagree that organizing your thoughts in front of you is the best strategy, IF you know what you want. And, are willing to work for it. But, I don’t believe a status on Facebook is going to help you.

The end of anything, whether it’s a relationship, graduation, year, day, whatever you may have, always makes a person sit and reflect. You think about what sucked, what you never wanted to end, who you love(d), what you can do differently next time. It’s inevitably to think like that. Try to learn something from every experience.

I came up with some “resolutions” that I don’t want to call resolutions because they’re not as dumb as everyone else’s. Just kidding, not everyone’s are dumb.. just most.

  1. I want to be published this year and begin a portfolio. I want to write something really amazing that people can relate to and enjoy reading so they share the shit out of it. I’ll keep sending emails to Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and BuzFeed in the meantime until I’m discovered.
  2. I need to drink more water. NEED TO. I barely drink water at all. I definitely drink coffee and beer more than water and I need to cut that out. Somehow I need to make myself drink half a gallon of h2o a day.
  3. I’m promising to myself that every 2 weeks I’ll get a mani and pedi on Saturday. I love me a good foot rub. Now, I know I’ve mentioned before that Saturdays are my only days off and usually from 7a- 5p I watch Netflix sprawled out on the couch with my dog without any regrets. I guess I’ll feel better about not doing jack shit if I at least do something little for myself. #treatyoself


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