When in San Francisco…

So, San Francisco, I wasn’t really a fan of you until the last few days of my trip. It’s exactly a week that we’ve been apart and I kinda, sorta miss you…

Despite the impending knee replacements that I’m going to have in the future from the steepest hills I’ve EVER seen in my life and the seriously sad homeless problem that broke my heart every time I stepped out of my hotel, you are beautiful and you have great weather and super nice people.

I NEED to show you what this city showed me because I honestly didn’t expect as much as I got. You have to check these places out, if you get the chance to visit San Francisco.

  1. Dolores Park- For my locals, imagine Boston Common but bigger, greener, and cooler (and a lot more marijuana burning). It was so peaceful.
  2. Painted Ladies- Full House was filmed here! Fuller House was also filmed here! Ms. Doubtfire was filmed around the corner.
  3. Alcatraz- I was fascinated with this place. They have a garden with beautiful flowers and birds that inhabit the whole island but it’s an eerie feeling that the island itself is so picturesque but there was a prison there and it held very dangerous men. If you get a chance, definitely do the audio tour. I went through it by myself and the headphones lead you through the prison and show you specific cells and rooms that many of the prisoners didn’t know were there until they came back to the island as visitors.
  4. Angel Island- A gorgeous California State Park/ historic Army base/ The Ellis Island of the West Coast. If you need a perfect backdrop of San Francisco, this is your spot.
  5. Golden Gate Bridge- The only thing I really knew about San Fran before I got there. I was very naive in thinking that all I was going to care about was Alcatraz and The Golden Gate Bridge.
  6. Pier 39- SEA LIONS GALORE. I think we stood there for a solid 20 minutes just watching them bark and jump on each other. They’re so fat! It’s adorable.
  7. Coit Tower- Another historic spot.. think Bunker Hill but with an elevator (score) and intricate mosaics on the first floor while you wait for your lift. The view from the top shows you a magnificent 360 view of The Bay Bridge, a well-known Pyramid tower in the middle of the skyline that I can’t remember the name of, and  The North Pacific Ocean.


If you’re lucky enough to spend a week in this city, it’ll give you all it has. Trust that. I just finished unpacking my bags from this trip… and now I have to go pack my bags for West Palm Beach in four days… 🙂

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    1. Hey JJ! Thanks for reading! Especially since you recently moved to the area I highly recommend checking those two places out. They were at the top of my list.

    1. Hey Lindsey, thanks for reading! Coming from a Boston girl it’s a totally different vibe but it’s always great to have a change of pace. You’ll enjoy it!

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