What’s a Kid to do in Delray, Florida?

Disclosure: The title is an exaggeration. I’m so not a kid in any sense of the word. The title should have been why I needed to get the Hell out of Massachusetts/ where in the World is Stacey Politis now.Ā 

My trip to Delray was my first vacation to do nothing in two years. I didn’t want to do anything but go to the beach and eat. I was lucky to be invited by a friend who has TWO timeshares so I got a condo all to myself fo free. That really means I don’t have to wear pants as I blog in my room right now šŸ™‚

This trip could not have been better timing. Between work and my life, I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Everything is being thrown at me at home andĀ I’m so overwhelmed that I had no outlet to release the stress. It’s not even funny. I just got back from San Francisco a week ago and I was worried about finding time to pack for this trip. Sometimes I stress over things that I really shouldn’t but hey, that’s how I’m built.

This week is about ME: About me eating whatever I want, about me laying on the beach for however long I want, and about me buying whatever I want for myself (and some souvenirs for friends and fam).

The condo I’m in is surrounded by old people. Adorable, precious 75-90 year olds. I don’t think you understand how relieved I felt when I noticed this. If you know me, you know I’m an ‘old soul’, which is a nice way of saying I’m old. I don’t drink a lot and I go to bed early and I’ve stepped into a club maybe two or three times in my life. Mind you I’m 24. hahaha.

Why I love Florida Old People:

  1. These old people aren’t going to bother me. They aren’t going to be loud. And, all old people are nice, especially retired old people who spend their entire Winters here. If they want to talk about the weather or ask me about the book I’m reading, I’ll be more than happy to engage in conversation but that’ll be the extent of it.
  2. I don’t care how I look like in a bathing suit in front of them. I can’t lie. I’m not the most self-confident in a bathing suit after Winter. If you are, then good for you. I don’t even think they can see me from across the pool if we’re being realistic. I actually had an impulse to go buy a one piece bathing suit because I’m the only one in a two-mile radius in a bikini. And, I barely wore make-up this week. #NoFilter
  3. The two reasons above are enough reason for me to love people around me while I’m on vacation. End of story.

Besides getting some well-deserved R&R. The stores in Palm Beach and surrounding areas are incredible. Yes, you can only wear white in Boston for about 3 weeks but the stuff they have up here is so cute and comfy! Also, you’ll find SO much black (my color) on sale because they just don’t wear that down here right now. The area is also very wealthy in general. I have to be honest, when I drove down a street of mansions plantations I almost threw up. The houses are HUGE. Stupid huge. These people have separateĀ buildings that are normal sizes for a family of 5 for their help. Anyways, you know there is lots of money in the area so theirĀ boutiques are going to be expensive but their Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth are going to be FIRE. I did well in both of those stores. Tip: The TJMaxx’ in the South are NOTHING compared to ours in the North- Don’t waste your time.

It doesn’t matter if you take a two-week European vacation to Italy or road trip to Maine for the weekend. It also doesn’t matter if you get away with your best girlfriends or just go away solo and hide from the world. Getting away from your world is so good for your soul. I can’t stress it enough. While drinking your morning cup of coffee on the balcony you’ll have this moment of clarity and finally, you stop thinking about work, or your crappy boyfriend, or your money problems- whatever you got going on – and just breathe out and know everything is going to be OK. Let go what you can’t control and appreciate who you have. I truly believe a body of water is the best therapist. The waves crashing, the mix of the sun and saltwater on your skin, it’s all just something you can’t replicate. It’s what I needed. It also helps me to know that Boston got 6 inches of snow last night andĀ the temperature didn’t pass 35 degrees today.

I’ll see you soon, Boston. Ā 

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