I Just Moved 3k Miles and I Want to Find Love #StaceySaysSomething

Hi! My name is Joe and I recently moved from LA to Boston. I have had a very hard time finding someone to date. I signed up for Match.com but it has gone disastrous. No one I’m interested in seems to like me back. What should I do?

Hi Joe!

First of all, I like you. Second of all, I hope you didn’t move to Boston to find love. I’ve been here for almost 25 years and I haven’t had the best of luck so don’t take it personally.

I am glad to see you’re using a more respectable dating site, aka anything besides Tinder, because it really shows you’re looking to find someone to truly make a connection with.  The way dating websites pair you with someone is based off of superficial data that won’t necessarily translate into a quality relationship. Since finding the one online hasn’t worked, I would take a break and totally disconnect from that. Take some time and focus on yourself or your work. Don’t even think about finding someone to date.

Boston isn’t as big as LA, which is good because it’s less ground to cover, but my guess is that the people in Boston are less approachable when you compare it to LA. My recommendation to you is to grab some friends, take advantage of the warm weather, find a cool outdoor bar, and go out with the sole purpose of having a good time. NOT to find someone to date. This takes the pressure off and allows you to have fun, be yourself, and not have your night ruined, if you don’t meet that special someone. You’ll find them when you least expect it and that is the best feeling. Be content with everything around you and then someone will come along to share the happiness with.

Joe, I hope you find what or who you’re looking for here but, if not, I hope you enjoy the journey! Boston is pretty cool. You should really explore the city.

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