The Road Rules

Now that I’ve started a new job that’s located in New Hampshire and still residing in Massachusetts, I’ve gotten very well acquainted with all of the major highways in my state. I drive 85+ miles to work and back 5 days a week which means I spend at least 10 hours in my car. I’m a pro. I’ve learned some very important things like: Appreciate Monday morning commutes because they’re so much easier than driving home Friday night and how pivotal what you listen to is to setting the tone of your day.

Sometimes the next exit seems so far away when you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic but you need to believe you’ll make it before you run out of gas.
– Stacey Politis

  1. Spotify Premium is the best $10 I spend each month and I hate subscription services but this is so worth it. I browse playlists for days (minutes), follow the ones I’m interested in, then make them all available offline so I can listen and sing along whenever I please. Jamming out honestly makes an hour drive feel like twenty minutes. This one is a keeper:

  2. Make sure you’re comfortable in the driver’s seat. Me? I take rip my bra off as soon as I’m in my car on my way home. And, for some reason unbeknownst to me,  I always need to play with my mirrors and adjust slightly before taking off.

  3. Go pee before you leave and make sure you have some sort of drink for your trip. This is the “nana” in me coming out. I can’t decide which scenarios is worse: cotton mouth or an exploding bladder on a four-lane highway going nowhere fast.

  4. Do you have your sunglasses? I currently have four in my car. I kid you not. They’re also a great prop when you’re pretending to film music videos while you’re jamming out (see #1 above). And, they block your eyes from dumbos who leave their high beams on.

  5. Always know where you’re going. Even though I love my car and it has a GPS, Waze is and will always be my best friend. It’s a free social traffic and navigation app that uses real-time road reports from drivers nearby to improve your daily commute. Those nice nearby drivers have saved me from speeding tickets more than once and always help get me to work 15 minutes early. I highly recommend you download it now.

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