Turning 25

I’m about a week in and 25 hasn’t completely sucked. I have turned 25. I am 25. I accepted my birthday this year. I had a really hard time acknowledging 23. I didn’t come out of my house that week and ignored all my birthday texts. HA, THAT just shows you how much more mature I am now that I’ve lived for a quarter of a century.

I feel wiser, I feel good and like I have my shit more together. Or, maybe I’m just in the mindset that I have a good handle on what’s going on.  I don’t feel older, though. Don’t listen to my gray hair – it’s genetic.
Looking back, though, I totally could not have foreseen anything that’s happened. Regardless of how long I live or don’t live, I’ll always try to plan out things in my head but it will never, ever go according to the way I envisioned it to and it’s OK. I’m finally totally OK with that.
Some other things I’ve come to realize at 25:
  1. I’m not going to be famous for being an Olympic figure skater. The number of times that I’ve tried to learn to ice skate and the amount of bruises that have resulted all over my body are both countless. I give up.
  2. My voice has not developed much. I’m always going to sound like a 12-year-old on the phone and no one will ever pay me any amount of money to sing. They might pay me to stop though…
  3. In my mind, 25 was always so old (until today). If life went according to me, I would have had babies by now and been finished with the ‘career part’. I figured I’d have a husband and a house by now. Or, at least I’d have an apartment and a boyfriend. BUT, I have none of that and I’m so happy I don’t. I’m just beginning…
  4. My boobs aren’t going to grow anymore. 🙁
  5. I thought I’d be better about picking boyfriends and being in a relationship and I’m so not. I’m so bad. It’s not even funny. I make split decisions off of my emotions and am still not able to look at the big picture. I believe you can fall in love with anyone you truly get to know but I’m not looking to find someone that I can make myself love. I’m not ready and I’m really OK with that.
  6. I’m in my mid -twenties now. I no longer fall under the category of “early-twenties” and I can’t excuse late nights or hangovers because of it anymore.
  7. I know what YOLO and it’s lit means but what else are the youngsters going to come up with? and will I still be able to understand? Can I still say things are lit?
  8. I’m lucky AF to STILL have two best friends that I went to high school with.
  9. Presents are so expensive. Birthday. Christmas. Anniversary. Job offer. Going away. House. Baby. Wedding.  Showers. All of those things require presents which require my money, Jesus. Can we all  just agree that cash, alcohol, scratch tickets and gift cards are the only acceptable gifts anymore? Please. Please. Please.
  10. College finally feels behind me. I’m not entry-level in the workforce anymore. I’m an adult, who is adulting the hell out of everything.

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