5 Ways to Wear Plaid This Fall

My favorite thing about Fall is the wardrobe change between seasons. Plaid. Sweaters. Leggings. Boots. Scarves. All of my favorite things! As cliche as it sounds, Fall is seriously the best excuse to wear plaid. It just gets everyone in the mood to go apple picking and carve pumpkins and post pictures of leaves on Instagram. If it were up to me, plaid would be considered more of a year-round staple. Luckily (and sometimes unluckily), I do dress myself in the morning, therefore I do wear it year round and enjoy every second. It really breaks up my “all black everything” mentality.

I want to show you some fun ways to style your plaid shirt that I’ve experimented with and love! I’m going to style each look around a red and black plaid shirt by BeachLunchLounge that I found at T.J. Maxx for $19.99. It’s listed for $68 on Bloomingdale’s site. So, already I feel great about this since I found a bargain and didn’t even know!

1. Traditional Button Up – Literally take the shirt and button it up. I paired it with some black jeans from the Gap and my white chucks. Comfy, casual, and cute.


2. Dress It Up – This is an outfit that I would wear to my 9-5. I LOVE my cotton skirt from J. Crew. The plaid makes me look very seasonal but the skirt adds an element of professionalism that deems it office appropriate.


3. Layer It – How can you not layer in the Fall? It’s 30 degrees when you wake up and it’s 60 by lunch time. The only way to combat one extreme from the other is with layers. Again, I’ve got my white converse and black jeans but I rolled them up. Despite my what my face is portraying, I’m happy to wear this outfit.


4. Dress – I looove wearing dresses. My height makes it hard to find dresses long enough but a dress is my go-to when the weather is nice. It’s so effortless. I love this outfit because the black dress contrasts the plaid nicely. Plus, my Cole Hann ankle booties get all the well-deserved attention. I think I hit the sweet spot with this one.


5. Tie It Up – I’m not sure if you can tell or not but I’m so feeling myself in this outfit. I should be going to Nirvana’s concert right now but I’ll settle for the Foo Fighters. My all black closet really proves itself here and all I have to do is tie a cute plaid shirt around my waist. Done!img_0269img_0275img_0292

Obviously, I’m no fashionista but I try and I know you do too… I just shared my five favorite ways to style my plaid button up. How do you wear it?

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