‘Tis the Season to Sweat

When you think of the Holidays, you think Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I hear those two days, food and stress come to my mind. It’s really easy to get a little too comfy in your oversized sweaters and leggings and not even notice that you put on some extra pounds from the turkey and desserts. You might have an “it’s only once a year” attitude but you’ll regret that when you need to switch your skinny jeans for your fat pants.

Here’s how I enjoy the Holidays and keep my indulgence to a minimum:

Designate a brutally honest bestie that will talk you out of your cravings. Just putting it in writing might make you realize that no, the peppermint bark will not make your Christmas shopping get done. It won’t fix anything.

Get Outside
In the Summer, it’s too hot to work out. In the Winter, it’s too cold to work out. Blah blah blah. This brisk Fall air is the most refreshing and best time to go for a run in. The sun is still shining. The leaves and trees are sights of beauty. You’ll want to run for days. Just get out there once and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Control Yourself
You are not Jesus. This is not your Last Supper. You don’t need seconds. You’ll have leftovers that you can enjoy throughout the weekend. Foodcoma is never fun nor is it cute. With all the holiday parties and social drinking, mind the calories in your drinks. You could be watching your diet and working our regularly but if you’re sucking down Long Island Ice Teas every night, no crop tops for you.

Make Time
It’s dark when you wake up and it’s dark when you leave the office. It’s hard to find any motivation after a long day of work and Christmas shopping and just living. But, if you can make time to watch Stranger Things in one sitting, then you absolutely have time for a 30-minute workout. If you have an hour break, go for a walk for half of it. Just move.

Use Your Manners
It’s okay to say no to your Mom’s Pumpkin Pie. Don’t keep shoving food in your mouth until you hate yourself. There are going to be so many more family gatherings over the next couple weeks where food is the focus. Pace yourself. Never deprive yourself of something, though, sometimes a bite is enough to satisfy.



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