How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day mainly because I eat candy year-round, enjoy a bouquet of roses more when they’re dead, and have been in a relationship during February 14th only once. If it’s not going to last, why go through any gift-giving holiday and spend money on anyone other than yourself? You dig?
During my one Valentine’s Day when I had a boyfriend, it was the least romantic thing ever. I honestly really tried to get into it. I got him a big stuffed animal from CVS and chocolates mere hours before he came over. I named the stuffed animal before I even gave him to my ex and I admitted I got it for myself and it stayed with me that night and the rest of its life. I also made him open up the chocolates as soon as I gifted them so we could share. I’m super thoughtful, I know.
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I think the reason I don’t get excited for this “holiday” is because of how people act. Like most things in life, people ruin everything. You love your partner and cherish your relationship, express that every day through your actions and words then. I feel like most people celebrate to show the World that their relationship is strong and not actually for their partner. It’s just something you have to do – That’s my simple opinion. The overexaggerated sappy novels on Facebook are enough to de-friend people for me. The PDA on the streets is gross. The stress of making reservations at an expensive restaurant is ridiculous. The candy conversation hearts all have the same flavor of chalk and aren’t even clever.  I’ve made it clear that I don’t care about Valentine’s Day. But, I care that you care about it.
On a positive note, it falls on a Tuesday this year. You made it through Monday. You sure as hell can make it through Valentine’s Day as a single lady. Do anything on my list below to celebrate (or forget) the “holiday”. If you spend the night drinking wine, eating ice cream, and crying to The Notebook, I will come over and give you something to actually cry about.
  1. Make plans with another single friend. Don’t go to any restaurants that happy, mushy, disgusting couples will likely be at. I suggest a dive bar or a restaurant that screams “It’s not Valentine’s Day”, like Buffalo Wild Wings. Eat everything, drink everything, and enjoy the company of a good friend.

  2. Sweat it out . My kickboxing studio is holding a “Shred Your Ex” night on the 14th. They encourage you to bring a picture of your ex to tape onto your punching bag and beat the crap out of it. Do something of the sorts. After that, go home and check yourself out in the mirror while repeating “I’m the hottest ex-girlfriend he’ll ever have.” as long as you need to.

  3. Do something for yourself.  After work, get your hair done, get a mani/pedi, get a car wash, clean out your closet, or online shop until you can’t anymore. Do something you’ve been wanting to do. Be your own damn Valentine and #treatyoself.

  4. Netflix binge your night away. It’s Always Sunny, New Girl, and The Office will make you laugh. Intervention will make you feel better about your life, if you’re still upset about being single on Valentine’s Day.

  5. Since this “holiday” is all about showing love to someone you care about, then show some love. Hang out with your Dad. Visit your grandma. Babysit your cousins so your aunt and uncle can have a night off. Make cheesy homemade cards and send them to your friends and family. The World could always use some love.

Happy Day, xoxox.


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