5 Things The Scale Doesn’t Tell You

I had my annual physical yesterday. I got a Tetanus shot and blood was drawn even though my veins did not want to make an appearance. I didn’t cry and I didn’t leave feeling bad about myself like last year. Usually, as a woman, two worries cross your mind the night before an annual check-up. Must I shave and will the Doctor tell me I’ve gained weight?

This year, my doctor let me know that I gained four pounds since last year but my heart rate was stronger and other test results came back great, too. I told her that my clothes haven’t fit this well since college and proudly told her that I’ve increased my activity 5 times since I last saw her.  Her little comment about my weight gain didn’t bother me this year because that number doesn’t mean as much when you care about your health more than your appearance.

  1. Muscle Weighs More Than Fat. Your entire body composition changes once you start consistently working out. Since I started kickboxing 4-5 times a week, my thighs are rock-hard and my stomach, butt, and arms have toned up real nice. The scale hasn’t reflected that but the way I look in a bikini does. #gains
  2. You’re Strong. Guys, I can do push-ups now. Not girl push-ups. But, regular push ups and sometimes I can do Spider-Man push-ups and have been dabbling more and more into one arm pushups. That’s basically the coolest accomplishment of 2017.
  3. Your Weight Fluctuates Every Day. There are so many factors that can affect the number that pops up on that scale. Did you drink a lot of water? How’s your sodium input? Are you bloated? Do you weigh yourself in the morning? Or at night? Or only after your workout? Some of you can poop and probably drop a pound like that. TMI.
  4. It Doesn’t Measure How Fit You Are. You know, you can be the skinniest person and not live an active lifestyle and be considered unhealthy. I notice that when I work out consistently, the number goes up and I’m okay with that. What really sucks? I hate it when I miss a few days of working out and my weight drops because that’s indicating that I’m losing muscle. The horror! It sucks knowing that you’re getting stronger after all this time and can end up losing some of your progress in half the time.
  5. You’re Beautiful. I’ve struggled with weight and body image since high school, as anyone would. It doesn’t help that my butt is bigger than most. There are good days and bad days. Some days I believe that eating a pop tart in my cube will make my work get done quicker. Other days, I drink 9 glasses of water eat my chicken and veggies and end up with a migraine for no apparent reason. Whatever decisions you make regarding food, fitness, or your body, don’t forget that it doesn’t define you as a person. You can wake up one day and just dub it the start of your cheat week, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure of a person. So long as you wake up every day and try to bring more good than bad in the World, you’re doing it right, no matter what the scale labels you as.

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