Hey you! I’m Stacey, a tougher-than-most Millennial from Boston. I have a Southern heart with a Yankee fire. I’m dead honest and I don’t censor my post even though my Dad reads everything. Hey Mom and Dad!

I just realized I LOVE writing and sharing and have way too many feelings. I go through phases where I’m super healthy, running every day and trying 3-day juice cleanses to literally spending 6 hours on the couch, uninterrupted, with my dog, Ben, and Jerry. I’m quirky like that.

I’m going to share my advice and thoughts on career development, relationships (or relationshits depending on the boy I’m talking about), and what Millennials actually deal with. I’ll try my best to make you laugh at least once every other post.

Another twentysomething who bought a domain and calls herself a blogger? Real original…I know….I promise it’s not as cliche as it sounds and you can honestly learn something here.



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